Education, Social Impact

We Are One World

“We are facing a tremendous crisis, a crisis of consciousness. The turning point, the perceptive decision, the challenge, is not in politics, in religion, in the scientific world; it is in our consciousness. One has to understand the consciousness of mankind, which has brought us to this point.” – J. Krishnamurti

‘We R One World’ is a live-action role-play collaboration game, inspired by ‘World Game’, that seeks to take participants on an experiential journey through the dynamic unfolding of humans on earth. It is a simulation event running over a day where up to 120 participants interact in a designed sociodrama that explores the world’s cultural, behavioral, psychological and social systems.

Participants journey “above earth” on a basketball court size Dymaxion Map which is embedded in Ken Wilber’s Integral Framework. This provides multiple perspectives in which to view the global challenges we face and enhances the participants seeking and perspective-taking skills. The perspectives are curated into creative, alternative visions and purpose global scenarios.

The aim is to shift participants’ perspectives and consciousness towards the minimal awareness required to comprehend global complexity and then engage them in a process of systematically designing progressive solutions to challenges that have value for the greatest number of people in the most compassionate way.

The simulation is designed to be highly interactive and provides a fail-safe educational environment where participants are given opportunities to develop adaptive capacities and practice generative leadership skills.
Sourced out of Australia, “We R One World” has been played in the Asian Pacific region including Myanmar, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Vietnam, and Australia.