Articles About Fuller


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  • “The Wide World of Buckminster Fuller” PACE Magazine, November.


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  • “Meet Bucky Fuller, Ambassador from Tomorrow” READER’S DIGEST, November.
  • “World Game” THINK Magazine (I. B.M.), November/December.


  • “A Buckminster Fuller Survival Kit” QUEEN Magazine, London, England, May.
  • “Inside Buckminster Fuller’s Universe” SATURDAY REVIEW, by Harold Taylor, May 2.


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  • “Understanding Whole Systems,” THE LAST WHOLE EARTH CATALOG, by Stewart Brand, Portola Institute/Random House.
  • “The View from the Year 2000” LIFE, by Barry Farell, February 26.
  • “Fuller is a Far-Out Guy” CHRISTIAN SCIENCE MONITOR, by Marilyn Hoffman, March 30.
  • “Relax–Bucky Fuller Says It’s Going to be All Right,” ROLLING STONE, by Hal Aigner, June 10.


  • “The World of Buckminster Fuller,” ARCHITECTURAL FORUM, January/February (special 40th anniversaryedition).*
  • Playboy Interview, PLAYBOY, February.
  • “Dialogue with Fuller on the Ultimately Invisible House,” HOUSE & GARDEN Magazine, May.
  • “The World Is Flat!” SCHOLASTIC MAGAZINE’s Headline Focus Wall Map, May1.
  • “Bucky Fuller’s HEXA-PENT Domehouse You Can Build,” POPULAR SCIENCE Magazine, June.
  • “Buckminster Fuller Retrospective,” ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN, Edited by Michael Ben-Eli, December.*


  • “Gladly the Dymaxion Cross I’d Bear!” by Richard Goldstein, THE VILLAGE VOICE, February 1.
  • “A Portrait of the Lecturer as a Whole System,” SATURDAY REVIEW–Education, by Hugh Kenner, February.
  • “Fuller 2 1/2 Hours on the Universe,” by Phyllis Cobbs, PATENT TRADER, March 8.
  • “Buckminster Fuller’s Vision of Chicago Tomorrow,” CHICAGO, March/April.
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  • “Bucky Fuller in Retrospect,” by Barry Brennan. EVENING OUTLOOK (Santa Monica, CA), November 9.


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  • “The Most Amazing Car Never Built,” by Bartlett Gould, YANKEE MAGAZINE, December.
  • “Bringing the Universe Home,” by John Poppy, est GRADUATE REVIEW, December.


  • “Journey into Inner Space,” by Stewart Dill McBride, CHRISTIAN SCIENCE MONITOR, March 9.
  • “Bucky ‘Bored’ by Carter Energy Ideas,” by Susan Watters, KANSAS CITY MISSOURI TIMES, May 13.
  • “He’d Rather Make Sense than Dollars,” by Leslie Bennetts, PHILADELPHIA BULLETIN, August 28.
  • “Book of the Century: Fuller’s Tetrascroll,” by Polly Lada-Mocarski, CRAFT HORIZONS, October.
  • “Inquiring for Buckminster Fuller,” by Fred Kutchins, CHICAGO’S ELITE, November/December.
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  • “A Hopeful Look at the Future,” by Judy Sammon, CLEVELAND PLAIN DEALER, December 1.


  • “Transformation of a Throwaway,” by Mary Earle, est GRADUATE REVIEW, January.
  • “Our Leonardo,” by Dwight Chapin, SAN FRANCISCO EXAMINER, February 22.
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  • “Buckminster Fuller,” by Robert MacBride, INTERVIEW, April.
  • “Buckminster Fuller: An Appreciation,” COMMENTARY (Singapore), April.
  • Associated Press Article on Tensegrity by Bruce Dallas; printed in at least 121 newspapers nationally, April.
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  • “Spaceship Earth–Is It In Trouble?” by Truman Temple, EPA JOURNAL, November/December.
  • “You do not belong to you. You belong to the Universe.” by John Love, QUEST ’79 November/December.
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  • “When Fuller Talks, The World Listens,” by Dick Brenneman,” WEEKEND OUTLOOK, May 3-4.
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  • “An Interview with R. Buckminster Fuller,” by John Lawn, ENERGY MANAGEMENT, August/September.
  • “An Interview,” CENTERLINE, October.
  • “The Man Behind the Dome,” by Nance McLaren, Daytona Beach (FL) MORNING JOURNAL, October 11.
  • “Bucky: Thinking Makes Life Fuller,” by Laura Kavesh, Orlando (FL) SENTINEL-STAR, October 23.


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  • “Fuller Shows How to do More with Less,” by Rosemary Bailey, ENGINEERING TODAY, January 13.
  • “Fuller’s Follies,” (review of CRITICAL PATH) by Hugh Kenner, SATURDAY REVIEW, February.
  • “Touring Spaceship Earth with Captain Bucky,” by Christopher Bogan, SPOKANE SPOKESMAN REVIEW, February 6.
  • “A Terrific Package of Experience,” by Christopher Bogan, SPOKANE SPOKESMAN REVIEW, February 9.
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  • “Bucky–Folk Hero,” by Jeff Cowart, BATON ROUGE ADVOCATE, November 14.


  • “The Communication Lines Are Open,” by Tom Bissinger, COMMON GROUND, Winter (cover story).*Entire issues devoted to retrospectives of Dr. Fuller’s life work.