Articles by Fuller


“The Prospect for Humanity,” SATURDAY REVIEW, August 29.


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  • “What I Have Learned,” SATURDAY REVIEW, November 12.


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  • “Bucky,” GRADUATE, Toronto, Canada, December. (The University of Toronto Alumni Magazine, a section entitled “Explorations” and edited by Marshall McLuhan.)


  • “City of the Future,” PLAYBOY, Vol.15, No.1 January.
  • “What I Am Trying To Do,” SATURDAY REVIEW, March 2.
  • “Letter to Doxiadis,” MAIN CURRENTS IN MODERN THOUGHT, Vol. 25, No. 4, March/April.
  • “What Quality of Environment Do We Want?” ARCHIVES OF ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH, Vol. 16, American Medical Association, May.


  • “The Age of the Dome,” BUILD INTERNATIONAL, Vol. 2, No. 6, July/August.
  • “Word Meanings,” and “The World Game,” EKISTICS, Vol. 28, No. 167, October.
  • “Vertical is to Live–Horizontal is to Die,” AMERICAN SCHOLAR, Vol. 39, No. 1, United Chapters of Phi Beta Kappa, Washington, D.C., Winter.


  • “The Earthians’ Critical Moment,” THE NEW YORK TIMES, December 11.


  • “A Poem by Buckminster Fuller,” (Telegram sent to Senator Edmund S. Muskie of Maine), THE NEW YORK TIMES, March 21.


  • “My New Hexa-Pent Dome: Designed for You to Live In,” POPULAR SCIENCE Magazine, May.


  • “Buckminster Fuller on Cities,” THE AMERICAN WAY, AMERICAN AIRLINES Magazine, April.
  • “Ethics,” SATURDAY REVIEW/WORLD, November 6.


  • “Energy Through Wind Power,” THE NEW YORK TIMES, January 17.
  • “War or Peace?” PENNSYLVANIA GAZETTE (University of Pennsylvania Alumni Magazine), April.
  • “Cutting the Metabilical Cord,” SATURDAY REVIEW/WORLD, September 21.
  • “Remapping Our World,” TODAY”S EDUCATION, November/December.


  • “Time Present,” HARPER’S MAGAZINE, March.
  • “2025, If . . .” COEVOLUTION QUARTERLY, Spring.
  • “The Meaning of Wealth,” BANKER’S MAGAZINE, Vol. CCXIX, No. 1573, April.
  • “Preparing for a Small One Town World,” CONGRESSIONAL RECORD–SENATE, May22.


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  • “Statement of Buckminster Fuller,” Committee on Banking, Currency and Housing, House of Representatives Hearings on The Rebirth of the American City, Sept. 27, 28, 29, 30 & Oct. 1.
  • “Buckminster Fuller,” NEW DIRECTIONS, November.
  • “Preparing for a Small One Town World,” THE RENAISSANCE UNIVERSAL JOURNAL, Winter.


  • “Reach One of Those Bananas for Me,” PHP MAGAZINE, Feb. 22.
  • “Fifty Years Ahead of My Time,” SATURDAY EVENING POST, March.
  • “Mistake Mystique,” EAST/WEST JOURNAL, April.
  • “Preparing for a Small One Town World,” DHARMA, May.
  • “Statement of Dr. R. Buckminster Fuller,” Select Committee On Small Business, United States Senate First Session on Energy Research And Development and Small Business, May 23.


  • “Accommodating Human Unsettlement,” TOWN PLANNING REVIEW, Vol. 49, No. 1, January.
  • “Ever Re-Thinking the Lord”s Prayer,” FINDHORN MAGAZINE, Spring.
  • “Our Physical World,” CALUM (University of Calgary Alumni Magazine), Spring.
  • “Energy Economics,” JOURNAL OF EKISTICS, May.
  • “The Way We Live: Reflections and Projections,” ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN, June.
  • “Future Thoughts,” MOTOR WORLD, September.
  • “Children Are Born True Scientists,” JOURNAL OF EKISTICS, September/October.
  • “Old Man River,” DICHOTOMY (Detroit School of Architecture) Autumn.
  • “How Little I Know,” CHILDREN”S WORLD, Pre-Holiday Issue.
  • “Wind: The Answer?” SOLAR ENGINEERING, November.
  • “An Open Letter to the Architects of the World,” multiple publication world-wide, November 5.
  • “How Can We Have Four Billion Billionaires?” CHICAGO SUN-TIMES, December 2.


  • “Domes” Dad Assesses “80’s,” HARRISBURG (PA) PATRIOT- EWS, December 30.
  • “Hang On: Here Come the 80’s,” CLEVELAND PRESS, December 31.


  • “An Open Letter to the Architects of the World,” INSIDE/OUTSIDE (India), April/May.


  • “Introduction to CRITICAL PATH,” NEW AGE, February.
  • “Tensegrity,” CREATIVE SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY, February.
  • “A Message of Hope to the Children of the World,” NEW AGE, February (cover story).


  • “Crisis on Spaceship Earth,” FOOT PRINTS, Volume 45, No.2.
  • “Experiment in Individual Initiative,” NEW JERSEY BELL JOURNAL, Summer.
  • “Theology vs. Science: Regarding Some Familiar and Not-so-familiar Cosmic Principles,” THE AMERICAN THEOSOPHIST, Fall.
  • “Integrity,” THE REVIEW, November/December.


  • “Buckminster Fuller: Experiment in Individual Initiative,” MOVEMENT NEWSPAPER, February.