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New Platform for Regen Network

Regen NetworkPlatform for a Thriving Planet – is an ecological contracting platform startup that offers businesses, governments, and institutions a simple way to regenerate the world’s ecosystems. Our platform allows organizations to effectively connect and make agreements with a global network of land stewards, farmers, and conservationists whose work results in clean air and water, enhanced biodiversity, carbon sequestration, and other ecosystem services. By providing a way to track, verify, and reward regeneration at scale, Regen Network accelerates a new multi-billion dollar regenerative agriculture market that realigns economic health with ecological wellbeing.

After a successful pitch at Techstars Demo Day, the Regen Network team has been preparing for the major milestone public launch of Regen Ledger in summer 2020. With the launch of Regen Ledger follows the debut of the accompanying Regen Registry and select Ecosystem Service Credits.

Regen Network is currently working with organizations around the world including Odanata, Wide Open Agriculture, ImpactAg, Rainforest Foundation US, and have nearly 200 farmers, ranchers, and land managers on over 5 million acres of farm and conservation lands on the waitlist to pilot our platform. We are on target to issue the first Ecosystem Services Credits in the second quarter of this year, with both project developers and buyers of those credits in the queue.
Regen Network is beginning a round of customer discovery for the buyer side of the Ecosystem Services Marketplace, and would appreciate connections to sustainability leads at medium or large companies, particularly those who are interested in offsetting their carbon footprint. Contact Regen Network for more info.

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July 4, 2022 Update

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