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JRSM — Paradise Lost Again, Brussels Exhibition

Buckminster Fuller created and patented the Dymaxion Map, a world projection with the negligible distortion which can accurately display at a glance global information such as human migration patterns and the distribution of natural resources. It is the vision of a world where all parties are equal and all men and women are free, similar to the spirit of Marcel Broodthaers’ Map of the Poetic World. JRSM – Paradise Lost Again, a VUB Brussels Exhibition curated by Hans De Wolf, uniquely displays the work of Fuller, through the Proximus SA Dymaxion Map tapestry. 

On November 15, Visit.Brussels along with VUB (Vrije Universiteit Brussel), ULB (Universite Libre de Bruxelles) and Elsene Municipality will be showing the full Dymaxion Map in all of its glory through a monumental mural painting on the exterior wall of the Faculty of Architecture of the ULB.

The premise of JRSM – Paradise Lost Again is based on Buckminster Fuller’s ideas about a fair and equitable world for all, themes that are even more critically relevant today. Through the curation of this exhibition, the Dymaxion Map was transformed into an emblem of a new vision for Brussels.