Social Impact

Fiscal Sponsorship Highlight: Good Machine

In the near future, a fleet of autonomous undersea robots will dramatically accelerate regenerative aquaculture by planting heat-resistant coral 10 times faster than current human planting techniques.  And elsewhere, scalable solar-powered refrigeration units will help reduce rotting wastage in small-hold fishing communities. The technological advances supporting these results are taking shape right now in San Francisco’s Mission District studio space of Good Machine.

The Buckminster Fuller Institute’s fiscal sponsee, Good Machine,  is a new venture studio launched earlier this year focused on the intersection of community-driven technology, symbiotic capital, and inspired humans. Good Machine aims to catalyze regenerative change by supporting entrepreneurs in deploying tech solutions to social and environmental challenges.   Impact-aligned businesses are typically confronted with high barriers to scale, given the developmental, financial, and logistical limitations in markets and substantial challenges in attracting top talent to early-stage impact businesses. The studio’s ultimate vision is a thriving, interconnected world where all life is supported through invention.  To create a path toward that vision, Good Machine is identifying social and environmental market opportunities; rapidly developing, prototyping, and field-testing product-based solutions; and incubating impact-oriented companies.  

The team has already conducted viability studies on six projects and is moving forward on four of them.  From revitalizing coral reefs to helping eliminate fish waste to empowering the hearing-impaired in the developing world, Good Machine exists at the epicenter of positive change and is excited to partner with the Buckminster Fuller Institute.