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TED Talk by Zubaida Bai, Founder and CEO of ayzh

Fuller Challenge applicant ayzh was selected for the 2017 Catalyst Program.

Zubaida Bai, founder and CEO of ayzh, has a mission to bring simplicity and dignity to women’s health worldwide. Her company designs simple, low-cost, high-quality products for women in low resources settings, targeting the reproductive continuum of maternal, newborn, child and adolescent health. In this quick and inspiring talk, Zubaida presents her Clean Birth Kit in a purse, which contains everything a new mother needs for a hygienic birth and a healthy delivery – no matter where in the world she might be delivering.

To date, ayzh has sold more than 300,000 kits impacting over 600,000 women, babies, and girls. Zubaida is designated by the United Nations as a Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) Pioneer for her work at the intersection of appropriate technology, women’ health and social business. Visit or to learn more.