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Over 100 participants join BFI at Hammer Museum in LA for Geometry Workshop

On the evening of Thursday, March 10th, BFI produced a very well-received workshop entitled “Explorations in the Geometry of Thinking”, facilitated by inventor, writer, producer, and educator Kurt Przybilla.

The workshop was the first prototype we are developing with Kurt to respond to the growing interest in adult education workshops and is part of BFI’s Mobile Learning program focus. It was a big hit and we hope its success will lead to other opportunities to take this kind of Fuller-inspired programming ‘on the road’ to engage other cultural institutions“, commented Elizabeth Thompson, BFI’s Executive Director

From the Hammer Museum: “The Hammer’s first hands-on adult-oriented workshop was an absolute success. This was a great opportunity for guests to explore the integration of art and science that made Buckminster Fuller – and Black Mountain College – fascinating. Several of our guests commented on the fact that very few places offer opportunities for adults to work with their hands and ‘play’.”

Kurt Przybilla’s introduction about Buckminster Fuller and his importance to science, art, architecture and design was thorough and conveyed his infectious enthusiasm for Bucky’s work.

The hands-on portion of the workshop started with simple building exercises but moved quickly into very sophisticated mathematical concepts, emphasizing how important Bucky’s design principles were to modern architecture. Guests discovered what makes certain shapes stable and unstable, and Kurt built on this understanding to teach guests to create more and more complex structures, including the foundational structures of Bucky’s geodesic domes.

If you are interested in our workshops, please contact BFI to inquire about our Mobile Learning programs: [email protected]

The “Leap Before You Look: Black Mountain College 1933-1957” exhibition is on display at the Hammer Museum through May 15.

Photos from the event can be found on BFI’s Flickr.

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