Mobile Learning

At the center of BFI’s educational mission are the artifacts and concepts that embody Fuller’s life work. With an emphasis on global trends and local needs, whole system thinking, and critical inquiry of Nature’s fundamental principles, BFI develops and deploys mobile learning environments with modular program components utilizing Fuller’s structural artifacts and methodologies. These educational programs are available in the forms of exhibitions, lectures, seminars, workshops and rigorous hands-on training. 


BFI – along with its growing speaker bureau – hosts, produces and participates in panel discussions, lectures, and presentations on the pioneering legacy of Buckminster Fuller, whole-system design, and contemporary examples of these principles at work today.


Hand-on training that contextualizes the problem solving methodology called comprehensive anticipatory design science and creatively explores the structural concepts and design principles pioneered by R. Buckminster Fuller.


At the center of BFI's educational mission are the artifacts and concepts that embody Fuller's lifework. BFI partners with art, design, educational and other organizations to curate and design public exhibitions around the world

Fly's Eye Dome™ Restoration, Development and Commissions

BFI actively worked on the restoration of the two original prototypes of Fuller's Fly's Eye Domes™. These iconic and unique structures have been showcased in international art and design events. BFI continues to work to fulfill the Fly's Eye dome™ concept as conceived by Fuller.