Press Covers 2015 Fuller Challenge Winner GreenWave

Following the October 22nd announcement of the 2015 Fuller Challenge Winner, GreenWave, a series of publications covered the news. Some explored the significance of GreenWave’s integrated model for 3D ocean farming in relation to global challenges such as climate change and food production.

Check out the following pieces:

ArchDaily: “3D Ocean Farm Creator Wins 2015 Buckminster Fuller Challenge”

Archinect: “GreenWave’s 3D Ocean Farm Initiative Wins the 2015 Buckminster Fuller Challenge”

The Guardian: “GreenWave Ocean Farming Model Scoops $100,000 Sustainability Prize”

Inhabitat: “Sustainable Ocean Farming Innovators Win the 2015 Buckminster Fuller Challenge”

The New Yorker: “A New Leaf: Seaweed could be a miracle food – if we can figure out how to make it taste good.”

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