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Join BFI at Steam Works for a Workshop in Synergetic Geometry

Building with Geometry and Synergy


Discover and explore the geometric patterns and synergetic structures found everywhere in the world around us. In this fun hands on workshop you will  build and learn about the primary shapes and structures of our universe from triangles and tetrahedrons to geodesic domes and Bucky balls. Through a variety of building activities, you will experience these geometric relationships directly, learn about the principles of structure and have a better understanding of the synergetic way nature builds.  


STEAM WORKS engages students in science and technology to reveal underlying physical and chemical forces-  Generate electricity with metals and electrolytes, and electroplate the change in your pocket! Illuminate the perception of additive and subtractive colors, play with structural color and wavelength interference, enhance with electroluminescence, and utilize photosensors, reed switches, potentiometers, and Arduinos to animate your own shadow puppet play! Help build the largest Capacitive Sensing harp! Tour the Physics Factory! Create a giant inflatable sculpture! Make optical toys! and Build geodesic structures with us!


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Sat, June 6 |12-4pm 

Automotive High School 

50 Bedford Avenue 

Brooklyn, NY 11222