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Fuller Challenge Cycle Dates Announced

Each year, The Buckminster Fuller Institute awards a $100,000 prize to support the development and implementation of an integrated design solution to solve humanity’s most pressing problems. BFI invites the world’s scientists, designers, architects, engineers, planners, artists, students and entrepreneurs to enter their strategies that solve for systemic context while simultaneously transforming current conditions.

Schedule for the 2015 Cycle

March 31, 2015: 5pm EST Deadline for Submissions
April—July: Review, Evaluation
August: Semi-Finalists Announced
September: Finalists Announced
October: Winner Announced
November: Conferring Ceremony in New York City

Resources to Support Comprehensive Design Scientists

The Buckminster Fuller Challenge will award a grand prize of $100,000 to one winning entrant. Finalists and Semi-Finalists will be invited into BFI’s growing Catalyst Program, offering a dynamic infrastructure of support to accelerate the implementation of their initiatives. The Catalyst Program will build on the rich opportunities and benefits BFI delivered through our sponsor and partner networks in 2014, including additional funding, pro-bono legal and donor services, fast-tracked access to incubation and mentorship programs, and significant public coverage through press and live presentations at conferences and events across the country. For stories from previous applicants, click here.

The Inspiration

Buckminster Fuller led a prolific life of research, invention and social engagement, a practice he called comprehensive anticipatory design science. He established a set of rigorous design principles and ecological aesthetics. Fuller’s intention was to design new systems in which all of humanity could live lives characterized by freedom, comfort and dignity without negatively impacting the earth’s ecosystems or regenerative ability. He emphasized that the technology and knowhow exist to successfully surmount global challenges and advocated the creation of strategies that “do more with less” by increasing the overall performance of the resources invested in a system.

“Since our first prize was awarded in 2008 we have celebrated winners whose solutions range from ecological restoration in the coal country of Appalachia, the re-design of urban mobility, reversing desertification in Africa, repairing coastal marine environments, rethinking building performance, innovation in biomaterial packaging, and urban storm surge mitigation integrating ecological engineering and community resilience strategies” said Elizabeth Thompson, Executive Director of BFI. “It is a remarkable group demonstrating the broad application of Fuller’s fundamental design principles that underpin our entry criteria. We can’t wait to see the entries this year!”

Deadline for entries is Tuesday, March 31, 2015, at 5pm EST.