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Building your own dome (or tensegrity)

We’ve been seeing quite a few geodesic dome and tensegrity-related projects and articles lately, and we decided to highlight a few here. To begin with, what is a geodesic dome? Here is a quick description.

Perhaps you’d like some help building your own. Wooden Homes has a number of articles on building geodesic domes, including this overview of the process. Life from the Loam has a short how-to video, DIY Geodome details the process of building a dome, Desert Domes has a very useful geodesic calculator for calculating strut lengths. And don’t forget to check out the dome section of our FAQ.

Here are a couple of interesting projects for inspiration: Ball State Parametric Tensegrity Structure and Tulane Upcycled Yield Sign Shade Structure

On the other hand, if you don’t want to deal with actually making your own dome, here are a few beautiful dome homes, which you can visit or stay in!