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Phase One of Dome Home Restoration Complete

Phase One of the ongoing restoration of Buckminster Fuller’s dome home in Carbondale, Ill, is now complete. With the exterior work (including improved structural stability in the roof and a new coat of paint) now finished, the restoration is now heading into the second phase, in which the interior will be restored, with a projected finish date in the fall of 2015.

More immediately, Southern Illinois University (SIU)’s Friends of Morris Library with be holding their annual Friends of Morris Library gala on October 18, which will feature a performance of D.W. Jacobs’ “R. Buckminster Fuller: The History (and Mystery) of the Universe. There will also be a brunch on Oct. 19 in the library, with exhibits from the library’s Fuller Collection. Tours of the restoration will be lead, and both Allegra Fuller Snyder and Thomas Zung will be present throughout the weekend, so make sure to pick up your tickets soon!

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