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Dispatches from the Field: Sanergy Empowering Sanitation Entrepreneurs

2011 Fuller Challenge Semi-Finalist Sanergy is in the news again for their whole systems approach to solving the sanitation crisis in Kenya. Sanergy produces electricity and fertilizer by providing safe, affordable sanitation in urban slums. By combining appropriate technology, such as pre-fab ferrocement toilets and bicycle powered pit latrine pumps, with a deployment model that uses a dense network of toilets, an off-grid waste collection infrastructure, and a centralized processing facility, we create jobs and address social needs.

Better sanitation, there has been a 20% increase in school attendance in schools that utilize Sanergy’s toilets. With new possible deals with the Kenyan government, the program is on its way to being a huge success. Sanergy hopes to move forward with its plans to expand into other countries as soon as they can.

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