Jay Baldwin

Jay Baldwin (or “JB”) is a designer/inventor. He’s an ecological designer (mostly of toys, lightweight camping gear, and geodesic structures). He’s designed products for such corporations as Ford, Burlington Industries Fabrics, Kimberly Clark, and Monsanto. Baldwin is the author of BuckyWorks, Buckminster Fuller’s Ideas for Today (Wiley, 1996), as well as three additional books on comprehensive design. Baldwin also was Tools, Design, and Nomadics editor for The Whole Earth Catalog and its several magazine kin for thirty years, and has been professor of sustainable design at ten colleges and universities, one high school, and lectured at many more.

For ten years Baldwin and his goldsmith/California native–plant horticulturist wife, Liz, were land stewards of the 3,300-acre Pepperwood nature preserve owned by the California Academy of Sciences. He’s been a pilot, a whitewater river guide, and a researcher at the New Alchemy Institute, Rocky Mountain Institute, and Farallones Institute, where he built many experimental solar designs in his portable prototype workshop. Currently, JB is testing a hand-made working prototype of his patented Quickup™, a radical RV that gets double the gas mileage of conventional designs (see website listed below), teaching sustainable industrial design at California College of the Arts in San Francisco, and writing a book on managing the dark side lurking in any technology.