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Acknowledging the Work of CJ Fearnley

One of BFI’s most prolific contributors, CJ Fearnely, has recently died from a sudden onset of terminal cancer.

CJ Fearnley’s work demonstrates that he is one of today’s leading scholars on Synergetics and is the champion of comprehensivity. We want to acknowledge the extraordinary work he has done over the decades in advancing knowledge of synergetics, and express our condolences to his family members and his wide network of colleagues who worked with him. We have lost an amazing person.

The meetings of the Synergetics Collaborative (SNEC), of which CJ was an integral part, brought together both experts and novices in an informal format that encouraged knowledge sharing and group learning. Many of us had singular experiences at one of them. There are numerous presentations available on YouTube documenting the sessions.

In the last few years CJ turned his attention to a Meetup where the group explored ideas of comprehensivity. He has worked to make sure this will continue, and has left a strong legacy.

CJ’s obituary.


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