Nina Simons and her book Nature Culture and the Sacred 2nd Ed.

Nina Simons’ New Book – Nature, Culture and the Sacred: A Woman Listens for Leadership, 2nd Ed.

Nina Simons, co-founder and Chief Relationship Officer at Bioneers, and leader of its Everywoman’s Leadership program, just launched the second edition of her book, Nature, Culture and the Sacred: A Woman Listens for Leadership. Find it at your favorite, local bookseller on IndieBound.

Nature, Culture and the Sacred offers practical guidance and inspiration for anyone who aspires to grow into their own unique form of leadership on behalf of positive change. Join Nina on an inspiring journey to shed self-limiting beliefs, lead from the heart and discover beloved community as you cultivate your own flourishing and liberation. 

Weaving her own insights together with reflections from cutting-edge leaders such as Terry Tempest Williams, Jeannette Armstrong, Alixa Garcia and V (formerly Eve Ensler), she opens thought-provoking pathways for reflection and growth. Discussion guides for each chapter offer prompts for engaging with radical anti-racism and intersectionality, along with interactive practices for individuals and groups to deepen understanding and learning.

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