Remembering Michael “Goz” Gosney

Michael “Goz” Gosney

There are times when we are reminded of our radical interconnectedness, where the web of life reveals itself and shows us that we are all playing a role in a dynamic living system. One of those times is when one of our global family transitions from physical to metaphysical, and you feel all the connections they co-created ripple through the entire web. Recently, we lost one of our own, a long-time friend who shared his life’s passions with the Buckminster Fuller Institute, Michael Gosney. 

Active and core to so many communities such as EarthDance, Burning Man, Arcosanti, Communitas. Zone, Techne Verde, several transformational festivals, local events in the San Francisco area, media and publishing circles like Synergetic Press, Wiser Earth, and so much more – Michael was a visionary super-connector, weaving us together in service to raising collective consciousness to empower our regenerative future.

Michael played at the intersections of human potential, community, music, technology, psychedelics, media, and ecology – always advocating for humanity’s capacity to leverage deep, insight-driven innovation and technology to grow our awareness, connecting us to inform our collective commons with the goal of evolving us in service of optimizing our living planet to thrive. He was an explorer of life’s potentials, a living archive of the transformational movement, constantly learning, holding, and readily sharing a legacy of stories, connections, events, and projects with which he challenged self-imposed boundaries and limitations. Michael inspired and empowered all those he met with his uniquely spontaneous, open, and sharing engagement – he embraced collaboration. He knew who in the world was doing what – who planted the seeds of ideas, who the pioneers were – their gestation periods – and he knew now was the time for an ecosystem of change to flower on this planet.

We join all of those who knew and loved Michael in appreciation and celebration of his life. We carry on the light of his Spirit and look forward to sharing in the collective collaboration that will manifest the world vision that Bucky, Michael and all of us share in service of our future. Here are ways to connect with Michael’s community and celebrate his life.


There is a life celebration at Bioneers at 5pm at the Palace of Fine Arts in SF on Saturday 5/14. Find more info at this link. (Please share and encourage people to sign up for the email list so we can keep everyone updated.)


The main life celebration will happen on Friday, May 27th starting at 3:00 pm. Location will be in San Francisco. Details to be sent soon to the link above.


In the meantime, the Goziverse team is scrambling to create a video slideshow and need photos, video, and audio. Click for instructions on how to submit yours. If you find videos on YouTube or Vimeo, there are instructions for suggesting those as well.