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BFI’S New Library at the Mushroom FARM

The Institute has opened a new library and learning lounge in Pescadero, California. Seated on 753 acres on the California coast, The Mushroom FARM (Future of Agriculture and Regenerative Movements) is regenerating the former Campbell’s Soup mushroom production facility into the leading example of localized food, power & water sovereignty & abundance.

The Rhize Program supports the expansion of our regenerative agriculture operations at The Mushroom Farm – donating organic produce to those in need, while serving as a hub for research, demonstration, and education on regenerative science practices and ecosystem restoration.

BFI is honored to have our educational center at the FARM and to partner in reconnecting humanity to the inherent abundance in our natural systems, activating planetary regeneration. Please let us know if you are in the area and we can plan a distanced visit.