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Trimtab Space Camp: New Course

Join Buckminster Fuller Institute’s community for Trimtab Space Camp an online 5-week learning experience on cutting edge topics in systems thinking and design science.

Learn about decolonization, design science, futurism, indigenous worldviews, and world design with new global friends over 5 weeks in an online course featuring video modules, live office hours with experts, optional exercises, and a real-world mission with planetary peers.

In a time of great shifts, we turn to voices that represent the cultural abundance we seek. BFI is excited to launch Trimtab Space Camp, Thermosphere the 4th course of our online learning series on cutting edge topics in systems thinking and design science.

Our instructors offer a diverse perspective on how to see the future through new eyes, they blend science with art, cyborgs with shamans, strategy games with world-building, and decolonization with technology.

This special Trimtab Space Camp focuses on embracing our vulnerability and understanding our biases so we can build a more equitable world.

The course runs for five weeks, with one online module a week that you can watch at your leisure and discuss on our community platform, Hylo, and at our office hours at the end of the week with each guest.
The course registration fee is $199 for non-members, BFI Members save $100 or more! Sign up to become a member today!

BFI offers a scholarship for a reduced or free tuition to our online course Trimtab Space Camp for people who identify as Black, Indigenous, or a Person of Color (BIPOC). Apply for the scholarship if this pertains to you.

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