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Fuller Exhibit in Hong Kong

Disruptive Matter at the Hong Kong K11 ATELIER Museum, will run from January 16 – February 17, 2020, and explore and celebrate current groundbreaking transformations emerging globally in our shift towards a renewable, post-fossil world. The exhibition brings together a wide range of projects, products, artworks and ideas from the areas of design, engineering, art and industry from pioneers truly pushing the boundaries in their fields. Features include an exhibition on World Game and the Dymaxion Map.  What is presented is a visionary future not just of possibility and speculation, but of actual actions and real, workable solutions. In so doing, the exhibition ultimately serves as a platform for the public to rethink the state of the world around us, and how contemporary artists and designers can inspire and provide solutions to a more sustainable way of living.

If you are in Quarry Bay Hong Kong during this time, please contact us at BFI.