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Spaceship Earth Memefest: Blue Carbon

Blue Carbon initiatives — a new wave of ocean conservation efforts — are among the best levers we have to reverse global warming while also boosting the health of local communities and increasing resilience to extreme weather, sea-level rise.

Blue carbon refers to carbon stored and sequestered in marine environments and includes the carbon fixed in coastal blue carbon (mangroves, seagrasses, macroalgae, and salt marshes) and oceanic blue carbon (phytoplankton, marine animals, and other open ocean biota).

Join Buckminster Fuller Institute for a workshop to learn more about Blue Carbon, and help to create memes and media to expose a wider audience to the power of putting carbon back into ocean and coastal ecosystems.

BFI and LIFT Economy recently completed a report on how best to scale the Blue Carbon movement and now it’s time to share our insights with the world. Help us make this content fun!

Giant Kelp Forest

Learn more about kelp, whale fecal plumes, seagrass, mangroves, diatoms, traditional ecological knowledge, and regenerative ocean farming. The goal of the evening is to help us translate our research into digestible media. We’ll have templates and ideas to stimulate your creativity, writing, graphic design and other synthesizing skills to support BFI in getting the word out about Blue Carbon and ocean health.

Did you know that whale poop can regulate the climate?

Let’s make diatoms sexy!

Marine Diatoms

The Blue Carbon report is the first chapter of the Co-Operating Manual for Spaceship Earth, an online platform that will empower people to cooperate with nature to design a world that works for 100% of life. For each chapter, spanning a wide variety of topics from ecology, technology, equity, and ego, we will name the main leverage points to intervene for radical systems change. We will illuminate the leading drivers, base assumptions and root causes of issues so that as we solve them we can also dissolve the circumstances that led to them.

At the Blue Carbon MemeFest, we’ll make art, make friends and help make the world work for 100% of life. Join BFI for the Blue Carbon MemeFest on December 18th, 2019 from 4pm – 10pm in San Francisco. RSVP for the MemeFest today. Members are free.