Fellowship for Changing Initiatives

Humanity is in a critical moment and we need systems-level change to ensure that today’s solutions don’t become tomorrow’s problems. Across all sectors, incentives award the outdated, mechanistic, reductionist, and fragmented approaches to progress. We invite you to imagine an alternative path. 

The Buckminster Fuller Institute (BFI) and Yun Family Foundation are pleased to announce the Grand Challenge on Inclusive Stakeholding, which will award up to two $5000 fellowships. This award is intended to spark social innovation proposals that better align incentives among all stakeholders as a way to solve the world’s greatest challenges.

The awards will be granted on December 1, 2019 to two of the best proposals submitted from the BFI community prior to the October 31, 2019 deadline. Each awardee will receive a US $5,000 fellowship. The fellowships are intended to reward the innovative idea itself and can be given to individuals working on projects are currently underway or who have an innovative project idea. The winners are not required to execute the proposal.

To apply for the award, please visit Incentive Prize on Incentives On the line where it asks, “How did you hear about us?”, enter BFI2019.