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Co-author the Co-Operating Manual for Spaceship Earth with Us

As Fuller said, ”There are no mere passengers aboard Spaceship Earth. We are all crew. And the survival of humanity depends on the integrity of the individual.” In last month’s Trimtab we announced BFI’s new initiative, the Co-Operating Manual for Spaceship Earth, a cooperative plan for how we can navigate our earth’s metamorphosis and empower people of all ages to think and act synergistically.

We now invite you to join us as crew in co-authoring the manual with us. The book and platform will provide vetted recommendations to help move forward comprehensive strategies and anticipatory action to regenerate our living spaceship earth. It will take a wide perspective on how we can, inclusively and practically, realize a civilization that works for 100% of humanity.

The platform will curate and create educational art and media to help shift our current paradigms and re-orient our sense of possibility, drawing on the immense collection of currently available maps, videos, visualizations, courses, reports and other media that can inspire our collective, planetary success. We are all aboard a living, breathing spaceship and we can be a beneficial species if we cooperate with our fellow living beings and attune ourselves to the rhythms of nature.

Building on seminal Fuller inventions such as the Dymaxion World Map, World Game and Geoscope, the platform will encourage participants to explore and interpret a world in change. Join us to co-author a new manual to re-learn what many traditions have known and practiced for millennia: how to cooperate with our living spaceship earth. Let us know how you want to contribute here.