Tom Chi
Social Impact

Welcome from Tom Chi, BFI New Board Chair

Dear BFI Community, 

I’m excited to serve as the new chair of the BFI board of directors. My background is in the technology world working initially as a physicist, inventor, engineer, designer, executive, and (most recently) investor seeking to help humanity become a net positive to nature. You can learn a lot more about how I see the world here:

As the new chair, my focus will be on the practical work of co-creating a world that works for 100%. This is an essential time in our history, and one for which the foundational philosophy and intent of Fuller is more prescient than ever. It is a time to make significant strides toward a more inclusive and prosperous world that makes brilliant use of the design constraints of Spaceship Earth while striving to preserve and enhance the rich complexity and beauty of all of life. To this end we will ask you to learn with us, contribute your time and insight, and bring the best of what we discover to your corner of the planet. On behalf of the entire team, we look forward to working with and being inspired by all of you as we embark on this journey together.