Welcome Ting Kelly, BFI’s Newest Board Member

We are thrilled to have Ting Kelly join us on the BFI Board of Directors. Ting is a creative and talented designer and strategist. She specializes in human-centered design, global innovation ecosystems and experience design. She has worked on a wide range of projects, including biotech and wearable tech startups,Tibetan Buddhist meditation non-profits, multinational Fortune 100 companies, and high-growth start-ups. Ting writes: “I am honored to join the BFI board, which weaves diverse backgrounds and perspectives that feels refreshing and activating. I’ve been incredibly fortunate to join the board during this period of immense change and opportunity. I feel motivated to help envision the new programs that can truly ignite a design science revolution for the next 10, maybe 100 years!” You can learn more about Ting and her work at https://metapattern.is/