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Become a 2018 Member of BFI

Join us as a full member of BFI today, and ride with us as we design a future that allows everyone to live at a higher standard of living than we can imagine possible. Click here and become a member. Together we’re building a better future! BFI is finding new ways to support and accelerate the work of the growing, global community that has gathered around the Fuller Challenge, our ten-year commitment to seeking out and attracting some of the most effective solutions to humanity’s greatest challenges. Now as we at BFI move into our next phase, the launch of our Spaceship Earth Initiatives in 2018, we will create new tools and experiences. This practical yet visionary network will enable all of us to learn from and collaborate effectively with one another, and to invite similarly practical and visionary thinkers, designers, community organizers, investors, and entrepreneurs to aid in its development to its greatest potential.