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Thank you, Sharifah Taqi, for your contributions to BFI!

BFI extends gratitude to Sharifah Taqi, a long-time staff member who recently moved on from her work with the Institute and the Buckminster Fuller Challenge (BFC) program.

Sharifah joined BFI’s staff in 2012 as a part-time assistant to the BFC Program Manager after completing her master’s degree in urban planning. She proceeded to become the full-time Program Manager for the Buckminster Fuller Challenge, executing the program efficaciously and implementing the Catalyst Program for the first time.

Following a year’s hiatus, Sharifah re-joined BFI’s staff in 2015 as the organization’s full-time Managing Director, continuing her involvement with the Fuller Challenge program as a review team member, and executing numerous critical duties for the organization.

Over the years, Sharifah has fulfilled a variety of programmatic and operational responsibilities for both the Institute and the Fuller Challenge program, including overseeing BFI’s membership program, running the online store, organizing the annual Challenge conferring ceremony, managing the office, and leading various fundraising initiatives. BFI’s board and staff thank Sharifah for her five years of dedication, integrity, and careful work. We will miss her enormously.