Tokyo Global Design Call for Design Teams

The Tokyo Global Engineering Corporation (TGEC) warmly invites the BFI family and friends to join. TGEC is a free, problem-based learning and education-services organization based on peer-to-peer pedagogy that provides capstone learning programs to undergraduate and graduate students studying engineering, design science, and relevant subjects. Students from universities around the globe work in design teams in groups of five to ten for five months, via Skype and e-mail, after which they present design proposals, via the same media, to a panel of professors and other experts. During the sixth month, such students produce a journal published in English and their primary languages. Students can receive academic credit via their schools, where permitted.

Though registered as a corporation, TGEC’s instructional model is similar to mock engineering corporations of some schools of engineering, where students perform the role of employee, and professors perform the role of a corporate governance board. True to Fuller’s philosophy, “global engineering” is the application of currently accepted scientific principles to the design of projects that cannot be implemented until the emergence of a global state. Like universities everywhere, TGEC always recruits new participants. All are welcome, in any role. For more information, please send an e-mail to [email protected] or visit