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You are Invited to participate in Bucky’s vision for the World Resources SIMCenter this summer

The World Resources Simulation Center was originally proposed for the 1967 World Fair in the US Dome in Montreal.
We invite you to participate in a demo this summer to bring this project to Silicon Valley.

GENI is hosting a global solutions experience on sustainability August 14-17 with Gil Friend and the City of Palo Alto Sustain Dept. Based on Bucky’s design thinking, this event by the SV SIMCenter team will tackle several of the interconnected challenges we face.

In a surround visualization space that fosters collaborative problem solving, the focus is on energy, water and transportation issues — globally, regionally and within Palo Alto city. Aren’t these all core challenges we all want to solve?

Each day will be independent: moving from a global focus, to regional, then local and again global over the 4 days. The aim — to visualize sustainable solutions to global and local problems in order to make informed choices much faster.

Event Info and Registration
Or you can call Peter Meisen: 619-234-1088