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Welcoming our 2017 Program Fellow

Through our prestigious Fellowship Program, BFI welcomes outstanding early-career practitioners to join the Fuller Challenge Review Committee for four months of the rigorous application review process. The fellowship is designed as an interdisciplinary, collaborative experience, and provides a unique opportunity to contextualize whole-systems thinking through immersion in the Fuller Challenge entry pool. Fellow responsibilities include research, writing, and dialog with BFI staff, partners, and senior advisors.

In 2017, BFI is pleased to introduce Program Fellow Alicja Walters.

Alicja is futurist at heart, pursuing her passion for breakthrough solutions for systemic change and new global structures from whole-systems thinking, transportation, clean sources of energy to total city systems. She is engaged with The Venus Project educational program called ‘Sociocyberneering Education Project’ to deepen her understanding of a resource-based economy, a holistic global socio-economic system that works toward a peaceful and sustainable global civilization. She has worked in New York City as a real estate professional for over 6 years, and is a co-founder of the Owning New York LLC (ONY) at The Corcoran Group. Alicja holds Bachelor of Business Administration in International Management from Pace University in NYC and a Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance from Nicolaus Copernicus University in Poland.

My understanding of any transformational experience/solution is that it’s linked to consciousness and the interconnection of all there is. Unique transformational journeys help us shift from incremental to exponential mindsets and toward bold, effective action. I’m thrilled to be part of the 2017 Fuller Challenge and working with people who share my commitments, and seeing the work of real game changers living a new cultural story of connection, compassion, and relatedness,” said Alicja.

About The Fuller Challenge Program

Each year, BFI invites scientists, planners, designers, architects, entrepreneurs, artists, activists, and students from all over the world to submit solutions for addressing humanity’s most pressing problems. Named “Socially-Responsible Design’s Highest Award”, the Fuller Challenge attracts bold, visionary initiatives focused on critically important, well-defined social and environmental needs. Winning solutions are regionally specific yet globally applicable and present truly comprehensive, anticipatory, integrated approaches to solving complex problems. A $100,000 prize is awarded to support the development and implementation of one outstanding strategy.

About The Fellowship Program

The Fellowship Program is meant to enhance rigorous discourse in the Fuller Challenge review process by bringing additional voices and perspectives into the discussion.

The Fuller Challenge Fellowship is designed to attract engaged students, recent graduates, and early-career professionals from diverse backgrounds and sectors for hands-on experience assessing whole-system design projects. The Fellowship presents an interdisciplinary, collaborative opportunity, as participants will work closely with BFI Staff and the Fuller Challenge Review Team to review hundreds of diverse entries to the Challenge. Fellows will deeply engage with the Challenge criteria and learn how to evaluate proposals using the same rigorous framework across disciplines.

Fellows perform independent research, participate in weekly meetings, and aid in tasks related to the Fuller Challenge Interview and Deliberation processes.