Living Through an Age of Unraveling

Only a new system can overcome the old; no invention alone – however genius or revolutionary it might be – is able to do that. For this to happen we need pilot projects – we may call them “World Future Sites” or “Healing Biotopes” – in which all the essential components for a nonviolent and regenerative future are researched and combined into replicable societal blueprints. The more such centers progress, the more they can radiate and broaden the horizon of collective imagination. Additionally, we need media channels and educational pathways for people to get to know and participate in the emerging new culture and an international platform for this movement to encounter and establish itself. The Bernie Sanders campaign, Occupy Wall Street and other recent progressive movements have shown that potentially millions of people would be ready to take part in the creation of a different society were they offered credible orientation. This is the task at hand.

2016 saw an accelerating unraveling of the old system. In 2017, the basic features of a new system could start to crystalize globally. The architect and futurist Buckminster Fuller believed that finding out how to manage spaceship Earth would be humanity’s final exam. This is the process we’re finding ourselves in right now.