From Weaponry to Livingry

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Last week we wrote about design science being an alternative to politics.

In Fuller’s view, politics was doomed to failure — “ever more wasteful, warring, and inherently vain,” he said, and ultimately incapable of solving humanity’s basic economic, ecological, and social problems.

Instead, he sought to shift from weaponry to livingry by sparking what he called a design science revolution to make the world work for everyone. His discoveries and inventions were meant as new models to demonstrate the potential of design science to reform the environment instead of using politics to reform people.

Today, BFI identifies, supports, and promotes real-world projects developing the livingry necessary to make the world work for everyone. The Buckminster Fuller Challenge, our educational programs, and our community engagements are all designed to foster 100%-of-humanity thinking. We have some big plans brewing for 2017 and would love your support and insights as we bring these ideas to reality.

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