Allegra Fuller Snyder on her father, Bucky

In the July/August edition of Metropolis magazine, editor Mikki Brammer sat down with Buckminster Fuller’s daughter and BFI Board Member Allegra Fuller Snyder to discuss what Bucky would think of the world today. Allegra also shared a previously unpublished essay, revealing a rarely spotlighted side of her father.

From my perception of reality, and orientation to life, all of the above suggests that in order to really understand Bucky’s work, you must, in essence, be a dancer yourself. You must understand your body and experience as a way of knowing. In a functional way the ideas need to be embodied in your own thinking/experiencing. My father was at his most essential “Bucky” when he burst into his wonderful clogging dance. He was a dancer in the way I understand dance, as a way of knowing, and his understanding of universe was through his dancing in his mind.” – Allegra Fuller Snyder in “Antennae to Experience: What Bucky Fuller Taught Me”

Find Allegra’s essay, “Antennae to Experience: What Bucky Fuller Taught Me” here.

Read Mikki’s conversation with Allegra here.