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27th Annual National Bioneers Conference

The 2016 Bioneers Conference will be held in San Rafael, CA this October 21- 23, 2016. This gathering is a celebration of the most epic changemakers, innovators and visionary leaders who are turning breakdown into breakthrough.

Speakers include:
Janine Benyus + Biomimicry + $100K Ray of Hope Prize presentation
Bill McKibben + other luminaries on climate solutions
Eve Ensler + speakers and workshops on gender equity
Ericka Huggins on restorative justice and spirituality
Xiuhtezcatl Martinez & Climbing PoeTree + art for social change

2015 Fuller Challenge Winner Bren Smith will also be a keynote speaker at the event, with a talk titled “The Least Deadly Catch: Ocean Farming in the Climate Change Era”.

For 27 years, Bioneers has been the leading summit calling for a revolution from the heart of nature. Come explore practical, visionary solutions to live more harmoniously on this planet. Register for the event here.