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Structure In Nature

The structural designs that occur in nature—in molecules, in crystals, in living cells—appear in this fully illustrated (and signed) book as a source of inspiration and study of the design of man-made structures. In particular, the book reveals that when the geometrical modular systems developed by the author are applied to building design, the result is adaptive, structurally sound, and economical environments. Pearce’s work follows in the tradition established by D’Arcy Wentworth Thompson and Konrad Wachsmann, and reflects his earlier close association with Charles Eames and Buckminster Fuller.

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The concepts encompassed in the book should appeal to any lover of geometry, but particularly to those interested in design.”- Walter Sullivan, The New York Times.

—well produced and well illustrated book on structural design…His buildings bristle with angles and slopes in all directions. They look fascinating and some (though certainly not all) are rather beautiful. Most appear bizarre to the conventional eye…To many of us, Pearce’s ideas are unfamiliar, exciting, and original. They surely deserve further exploration at a practical level.” -Nature

The book is easy to read and offers many plausible and original geometric ideas. It is lavishly illustrated and contains many useful tables listing the structures and their geometric parameters.” -Paul J. Shlichta, Physics Today

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