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Regenerative Economies for a Regenerative Civilization

Last year, BFI Advisor John Fullerton published an article referring to his April 2015 paper, “Regenerative Capitalism: How Universal Principles and Patterns Will Shape Our New Economy”. In the article, he frames the development of a healthy, regenerative economy as “the great work facing us in the 21st century”. He also outlines 8 principles that underlie systemic health.

Below is an excerpt from the article:

I believe this early stage of understanding regenerative economies is the natural next step in the evolution of economic thinking, bringing economics into alignment with our latest scientific understanding of how the universe actually works, building upon the profound advances of ecological economics as developed by Herman Daly and colleagues. The potential and structure of regenerative systems applies to both ecological and humanistic values; it is not simply a ‘green’ idea.

A PDF of the full paper can be found here.

John Fullerton is the founder and president of Capital Institute, and a recognized New Economy thought leader and public speaker. He is also an active impact investor through his Level 3 Capital Advisors. He is also serving as a Senior Advisor to the 2016 Fuller Challenge.