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Neva Rockefeller Goodwin on Trimtab Investors

In a recent Inside Philanthropy article, Neva Rockefeller Goodwin refers to Fuller’s trimtab principle as a metaphor for the role that investors play in catalyzing the shift toward renewable energy and toward a sustainable economy in general. Click to read her discussion of

Over the years, Goodwin has worked to engage many constituents of “trim tab” investors. Early on, she assumed that universities and philanthropies would be the leaders on divesting in fossil fuels.

Goodwin is a fourth-generation Rockefeller who previously served as a trustee and vice chair of the Rockefeller Brothers Fund. She is also President of the Mount Desert Land and Garden Preserve in Maine.

Goodwin has worked tirelessly to persuade the company to shift away from fossil fuels and toward sustainable energy. It has been a long, uphill battle, with Goodwin advancing the frontlines as both an investor and a thought leader.

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