Black Mountain School To Open in May

Black Mountain School, an experiment in education and community in the spirit of Black Mountain College, will open in May 2016. The new school, which has been founded by two North Carolina artists, is inspired by Black Mountain College, where Fuller was a key faculty member.

The school’s first summer sessions (which are already full), will begin on May 21 and will be held at the Blue Ridge Assembly on the grounds of the original Black Mountain College in Black Mountain, North Carolina.

Black Mountain School cites extreme tuition costs, corporatized profit-driven learning, and a one-size-fits-all curriculum as the reasons to resurrect a school that embodies the principles that governed Black Mountain College. The initial two summer sessions will each offer 22 classes and run for two weeks. Reviving the same communal lifestyle at Black Mountain College, thirty instructors will live, work, and create with the students.

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