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2010 Fuller Challenge Winner in Sianyanga, Zimbabwe

A recent Pacific Standard article goes “inside a seven-year effort to restore a landscape beset by desertification and drought.

The article explores the application of 2010 Fuller Challenge Winner Allan Savory’s Holistic Planned Grazing Model. This model is promoted by the Africa Centre (which Savory co-founded) in Zimbabwe, and is now influencing 178,000 acres of land for restoration. The article details the comprehensive impacts that benefit communities and ecosystems when the livestock management principles are applied.

Today, his approach is being applied on five million hectares (12 million acres) on six continents. Savory’s work in Zimbabwe has won accolades, including the Buckminster Fuller Challenge in 2010 and the Humanitarian Water and Food Award in 2014. With renown comes criticism, and many academics and environmentalists take issue with his ideas. To date, research has added little clarity, in part because studies have focused on a number of different grazing regimes that may or may not follow the same protocols…

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