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New Design from 2013 Fuller Challenge Semi-finalist Loowatt

Loowatt was a 2013 Fuller Challenge Semi-finalist. Loowatt’s model is a self-contained human waste collection and processing system that, rather than being faced with the typical costs of centralized sewage treatment systems, creatively converts human waste into energy and fertilizer, improving local health conditions, while providing economic opportunity.

On World Water Day, Saturday, March 5th, the Loowatt team hosted a community engagement event in the neighbourhood of Andraisoro, in Antananarivo, Madagascar, to launch the new Loowatt Roso toilet.

Loowatt SARL is currently promoting the new Roso toilet. Roso means “move or go forward” in Malagasy. The Roso toilet is a new version of the original Loowatt toilet in which hardware is built into an off-shelf injection-moulded plastic pedestal. The Roso exemplifies Loowatt technology’s important ability to adapt to toilets of many shapes and sizes.

The community engagement event was attended by more women than men. states that “Involving women can make water projects 6 to 7 times more effective.” Loowatt hopes that their waterless, energy-generating toilet technology can improve the lives of women and children by giving them a safe, hygienic toilet.

Click for photos from the event.