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ShararaTech Challenge

The ShararaTech Challenge Call for Submissions on Water, Energy and Self-Reliance around the Mediterranean and its deserts is open for submissions until March 31st, 2016.

The Call for Proposals seeks desert artworks that represent innovative water/energy and self reliance solutions for local communities on or around the Mediterranean.

This call seeks installations that synthesize intriguing artistic concepts with novel designs for decentralized clean water or energy generation, distribution and storage.

Submissions should demonstrate systemic thinking by factoring contextual natural, cultural, and socio-economic conditions. Ideally a submission should propose a public artwork that has captivating easy-to-understand innate narratives that can foster the courage to creatively tackle problems deemed unsolvable, and the virtues of communal self-reliance.

Submissions that demonstrate the ability to make a successful intervention and a transformative impact with the potential for regional or global replicability would be more favorable.

Up to ten jury-selections will receive funding to participate in the Sharara Festival at a Star Wars site in the Tunisian Sahara from April 1st-3rd, 2017. Selected proposals will also be included in a special publication by Leonardo Journal of MIT Press.

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