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Comprehensive Exhibition on Foster + Partners in Tokyo

On January 1st, the Mori Art Museum opened “Foster + Partners: Architecture, Urbanism, Innovation” at the Sky Gallery of Mori Tower in Tokyo, Japan. The exhibition is on display until Sunday, February 14th, 2016.

Founded in 1967 by architect Norman Foster, Foster + Partners is an international architecture and design studio that has completed more than 300 projects in 45 countries around the globe. They have created numerous contemporary architectural masterpieces that will be familiar to anyone who has travelled to the cities concerned in the exhibition, including the London headquarters of Swiss Re and the Reichstag, which houses the German parliament. They are also involved in a series of projects that could be said to epitomize innovation in architecture, including the new Apple Campus 2 and lunar habitations made from lunar soil using a robot-operated 3D printer.

“Architecture, Urbanism, Innovation” will be the first exhibition in Japan to comprehensively survey Foster + Partners’ design activities over the last half century through a vast array of items including models, videos, furniture, computer graphics, products, plans, and sketches focusing on around 50 representative projects.

As noted in a recent review of the exhibition:

The three sections of the exhibition will cover his design philosophy of the practice, which was influenced by […] R. Buckminster Fuller through an important collaboration over a long period; the design process at Foster + Partners; and its recent foray into utopian solutions for the buildings of the future.” [Click to read more from this article. Please note that this article mistakenly refers to Fuller as British.]

Foster recently wrote about Fuller as one of his mentors in a piece for the Observer.

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