Tippet Rise Art Center Opening in 2016

Set on an 11,500 acre working cattle and sheep ranch, Tippet Rise is a new destination for the arts that will host classical music performances and exhibit large-scale outdoor sculptures. Performance venues and artworks are being installed throughout 2015.

Tippet Rise is anchored in the belief that art, music, architecture and nature are inextricably linked in the human experience. Each makes the others more powerful. One of the missions of the art center is to connect visitors with classical music and outdoor artwork in a more personal way.

Tippet Rise is founded by Cathy and Peter Halstead and will be directed by Alban Bassuet, an internationally recognized acoustician and venue planner who has worked on a number of prestigious performing art centers around the world that push the boundaries between architecture, art and technology. Read about the team here.

The center’s built spaces, including a visitor’s center, state-of-the-art screening room, and portable acoustic shell, comprise innovative structural designs that are built to high standards of sustainability for net-zero energy consumption. More can be read about these spaces here.

Among the artists to install at Tippet Rise is NYC-based Stephen Talasnik. At Tippet Rise, Talasnik is planning a series of nomadic wooden compositions throughout the land that converse with each other, creating an itinerary and study of art through nature. Learn more at Talasnik’s website.