1979 EPA Journal Interview with Bucky

In 1979, the November/December issue of the United States Environmental Protection Agency’s EPA Journal (Vol. 5 No. 10) themed “Ethics and Environment” included an interview with R. Buckminster Fuller.

The interview, conducted by Truman Temple, was titled “Spaceship Earth: Is It In Trouble?” and discussed humanity’s relationship with nature and our prospects for maintaining our earthly life support system.

The EPA Journal summarizes: “R. Buckminster Fuller, the celebrated inventor of the geodesic dome, declares in another interview that Nature gave us a safety cushion, a time factor to make mistakes and learn how to adjust to the environment – but time is running out. “It’s absolutely touch and go whether we’re going to make it,” he says.

To view a full PDF of the issue, including interviews with Lester R. Brown, Robert Cahn, and Barbara Ward, click here.