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Fall and Winter Retrospectives

A recent New York Times article covered a number of upcoming fall and winter retrospectives throughout the United States, a few of which can be linked to the life and work of R. Buckminster Fuller.

Noguchi in Brooklyn: Fifteen of Isamu Noguchi’s sculptures have been placed throughout the verdant 52-acre landscape at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, and will remain there on loan from the Noguchi Museum in Long Island City until December 13. Visitors to the botanic garden can embark of a sculpture scavenger hunt among the bonsai, cactuses and cherry trees. Noguchi was a long-time friend and collaborator of R. Buckminster Fuller, and among his other design endeavors, he was deeply interested in garden design and had hoped to build some of his abstract landscapes in New York City.

Black Mountain College in Boston: “Leap Before You Look: Black Mountain College 1933—1957” will open at the Institute of Contemporary Art on October 10, and will be be the first comprehensive exhibition on Black Mountain in the United States, aiming to recreate the atmosphere of the campus. The exhibition will involve a “soundscape” that begins with classical music and, as the visitor walks through, moves forward in time through Miles Davis and John Cage.

Drop City in Minneapolis: The Walker Art Center will open an exhibition titled “Hippie Modernism: The Struggle for Utopia.” on October 24. The exhibition features a re-creation of the Drop City geodesic dome and painting by members of the original commune, along with other full-scale counterculture installations. The article notes: “Many present-day artists and architects reference the ecological, humanitarian and speculative ideals of 1960s counterculture and are producing their own temporary architectures.”

Check out the full New York Times article for other upcoming exhibitions in Chicago, Denver, Los Angeles, and Pittsburgh.