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Private Manitoga Tour for BFI Members

On Sunday, September 20th, a group of 23 BFI Members attended a private tour of Stephen Talasnik‘s “Sanctuary: an installation of Aquatic Architecture” at the stunningly beautiful Manitoga / Russell Wright Design Center in Garrison, New York.

The afternoon included a welcome and tour from Allison Cross, Executive Director of Manitoga / The Russel Wright Design Center — a National Historic Ladmark that includes the House, Studio and 75-acre Woodland garden of mid-century designer Russel Wright. BFI Members were particularly inspired by the synthesis of nature and human architecture that was accomplished at the site, which is named after the Algonquin word for “place of great spirit”.

Cross says of the selection of Talasnik for the 2015 Artist Residency program: “Similar to Wright’s intervention at Manitoga, Talasnik’s work occupies the intersection of art, innovation, science and nature and enters into a profound dialogue with place.”

Artist Stephen Talasnik then discussed the concepts behind is floating sculptures in the pond at Manitoga, and led the group on a walking tour to allowing viewing of the site from different elevations. Talasnik was drawn to Manitoga’s seamless architecture and natural splendor. He said of the site: “There is an intimacy to the choreographed environment that engages the senses. It compels the individual to confront a very immediate and intimate space within a suggestively theatrical large-scale natural sanctuary”.

A photo gallery of the installation may be found here.

This private our was offered through BFI’s Membership Program, was free to BFI Members, and was booked to capacity. If you are interested in attending similar events in the future, consider joining BFI as a Member in 2016, and you will receive priority booking for future events. General tours of Manitoga may be booked through mid-November.