Steam Works In North Brooklyn

On Saturday, June 6th, STEAM WORKS transformed at the Automotive High School in North Brooklyn – an article in the Greenpoint Gazette detailed some of the great, hands-on learning activities for adults and kids alike: 


While many might now be familiar with the rise of STEM education (science, technology, engineering and math), STEAM lessons add Art to the mix. Advocates of this initiative say it encourages students’ creativity as they acquire math and science skills.


Kurt Przybilla, an associate of The Buckminister Fuller Institute, located on N.11 Street, demonstrated that the primary third-dimensional shape is not a sphere or a cube; it’s a tetrahedron (triangular pyramid). He helped two girls, ages 11 and 6, assemble one out of 6-foot-long sticks. “One of my goals is getting people to understand structures,” said Przybilla. “We’re all trained to think in cubes and squares though they’re not structurally stable.”


[Assemblyman] Joe Lentol found the visible excitement a good sign. “School is supposed to be fun,” he said. “If you stimulate a kid into learning, they become a sponge.”


To find out more about Make: STEAM, write to [email protected] and visit http://www.steamworks.nyc/!