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Lane Museum Dymaxion Replica

The Lane Motor Museum recently announced its replica of Dymaxion Car #1 will ready for display February 26th, 2015. 


“The Dymaxion just makes sense for us to have at the museum,” said Director Jeff Lane. “The design is well ahead of its time and its looks definitely fit the uniquely different philosophy we build our collection around. After doing lots of research, we decided that Dymaxion #1 was the best fit for the museum and now it’s here.”


In 1934, an original Dymaxion was driven on a road trip to Connecticut by famous designer Isamu Noguchi, who helped design the wonder car. This year, Lane Motor Museum Director Jeff Lane will be driving Lane Motor Museum’s example on a road trip of its own from Nashville to make its debut at the Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance in Florida on March 15, 2015."


Also please see more about the making of the making of the replica in a BBC article here